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Vendors Teamtailor

Company Introduction

Our Values

  • We are EXPERTS

  • We are IMPACTFUL

  • We are EMPOWERED


  • I was new to the crypto and blockchain industry when I joined Cudo last year. Cudo is an ambitious company with impressive goals to drive innovation and create a more equitable society. There is a genuine Cudo culture: helpful colleagues are always willing to share knowledge and tools. Your contributions are recognised and appreciated - that doesn't happen everywhere! My colleagues are widespread, so we collaborate remotely. There is an outstanding work/life balance, and it is, without doubt, the most exciting place I have ever worked.


    Business Analyst, Data & Insights Team

  • Sure, the tech geek in me was impressed by the technology, but it was the bold vision and the positive environmental impact that won my heart. Soon after joining, I was pleased with how everyone was super approachable and willing to help me grasp things. This helped me hit the ground running and establish productive relationships across teams from the start. However, I’ve been most impressed with the alignment between ambitious goals and having the support to achieve them. A few months into my role, I had already scaled up my team and started having a real impact.


    Head of Marketing, Marketing

  • Working at Cudo has been an amazing journey. There are always challenges working within a smaller company, especially within such a young industry, but all of these challenges come with opportunities for growth and development. I started at Cudo as a Community Manager and within 12 months I've been fortunate enough to find myself as the Head of Community Marketing, this new role does bring its own set of challenges but it also opens the doors to many great opportunities


    Head of Community Management

  • Being part of the Cudo team since 2020, I particularly appreciate the clear intelligible vision coupled with the aspiring, ambitious goals. I would describe the culture here as productive, positive and diverse, which allows us to bring together specialists from across the globe. The working environment is friendly and flexible, thus we embody and live work life balance to ensure that individuals can be where they need to be when they need to be. We create an environment where everyone is accessible and visible (removing unnecessary ‘red tape’) Cudo are creating a culture where we are passionate about increasing professional expertise through professional development, emboldening and encouraging individuals to progress to their ability and beyond based on their personal aims and ambitions. This is an integral part of Cudo which I am personally passionate about. The teamwork is strong, with a “we are all in this together” ethos and this is further complemented by everyone being rewarded when Company goals are achieved. I particularly feel we all enjoy the ease of access to a network of diverse, specialist advisors who are readily available to offer their expert guidance and assistance daily.



  • Working at Cudo as an apprentice has been brilliant for me. The team is welcoming, helpful and are hard working! Even though I'm new to the blockchain and crypto world, I've been fortunate to work with a team willing to help me to adapt to this industry/job and share excellent skills, tips and knowledge continuously. In such little time, I have learnt so much and adapted to the Cudo family! Looking forward to continue striving for the best with the team!


    Digital Marketing Apprentice

Perks and Benefits